Goddard vs Primrose School

There are many options for preschools and day care for young children. While many parents just choose whatever is more convenient in terms of location, if you are fortunate to live close enough to multiple preschools, you can consider the pros and cons of each and pick the right one for you. But what options … Read more

Goddard vs Montessori

Goddard and Montessori are both approaches to early childhood education and care. The Goddard School promotes your child’s learning through discovery and play where teachers guide and identify areas for their development. The Montessori approach is child-driven and therefore teachers follow the child’s own lead for their education. Let’s dive in deeper and learn more … Read more

Alternatives To Preschool

My daughter is almost 5 and starts school in September. Both my wife and I decided together that she didn’t need to go to preschool. Although my daughter is very sociable and would have enjoyed it, she has a great relationship with her childminder and we decided it was better to carry on like this … Read more