Size 6 vs 6X vs 6T

what's the difference between size 6, 6X and 6T?

My daughter has just turned 6 and it still feels like a gamble when my wife orders clothes online for her. To fit or not to fit? That is the question 🙂 We particularly have issues with ordering pants/bottoms for her as she is fairly slim and even when she wears a belt, her clothes … Read more

2T vs 24 months

If your little baby is not so little any more, they may be ready for a larger clothes size.  Baby clothes start from newborn sizes (which may only last a week in some cases as newborns grow so fast!) up to 24 months. But when they reach this last size in the baby clothes range, … Read more

5T vs 5 Clothing Sizes

Walking through aisle by aisle in the toddler clothing section can be a minefield at times. It’s often a real challenge to find the right clothes to fit your child, especially with all the different size labels. If you’re based in the US, and you’re looking for toddler clothes, you’ve likely come across the ‘T’ … Read more

4T vs 4 Clothing Sizes

Children grow up fast. One of the classic mistakes many parents make is buying too many clothes for their newborn baby who quickly outgrows everything. Unfortunately, it’s still easy to buy the wrong sizes as your children get older. Some children will be taller, some will be slimmer and they will go through different growth … Read more