Baby Bath Alternatives

Although baby baths are popular in many households, they aren’t for everyone. You may live in a flat which doesn’t have a bath to put one in, or you might just feel a baby bath is just a bit cumbersome to use on a regular basis. Furthermore, when you put a small baby in a … Read more

When Should A Child Bathe Themselves?

Bath time is fun for babies, toddlers and young children. As a parent it’s great to see them splashing in the water, playing with their toys, as you wash their body and hair. However, there reaches a point where they need to start washing themselves on their own. In this article, let’s discuss when children … Read more

Baby Bath vs Bath Support

Not long after your baby arrives you will need to give them a bath. With the right set up you can be sure that bath time is fun and without fuss. Babies need help to support their bodies for around the first six months before they can sit up by themselves. Let’s discuss whether a … Read more