Should You Buy A Toddler Bed?

As your baby grows they’ll eventually need a bigger place to sleep. However, once they’ve outgrown their crib, do you opt for a slightly larger toddler bed, or do you go straight for a twin or full-size kids bed? Deciding between either option can be a tricky. Of course if you’ve already purchased a convertible … Read more

Do Toddlers Need Expensive Shoes?

Once your baby is up and about and comfortable walking, it might be time to start looking at shoes. While you don’t need to rush into this purchase straight away because it’s important toddlers feel comfortable walking around barefoot at home, they’ll need some footwear when you’re going out somewhere. Surprisingly, toddler shoes can be … Read more

Should Balance Bikes Have Brakes?

Although my daughter can now ride a pedal bike, she still asks me to let her go on her pink balance bike from time to time. You’d think she’d have no further use for it now that she can ride a bike for ‘bigger kids’! However, balance bikes are great fun for toddlers and young … Read more