Can You Wear Diapers To School?

Although it might feel an embarrassing subject, it’s not that uncommon for some children to wear diapers or training pants when they’re at elementary school. This is because it can take time for the bladder to develop and hold urine for long periods of time. Furthermore, night time potty training can take a lot longer … Read more

Baby Clothes Sizes Explained

Where do we start with baby clothes? Your little one will grow so fast, particularly in the first year, that they may only wear clothes a few times before you need to discard them and buy some more in a larger size. There are different sizes to consider; preemie, newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 … Read more

12 vs 18 vs 24 Month Baby Clothes

Your baby grows incredibly quickly in the first year. At times, it may feel like they’re only wearing clothes for a few weeks before they’re moving on to a bigger size. However once they reach the 18-24 month mark, the growth rate tends to slow down a bit and this is reflected in clothing sizes. … Read more

1T vs 12 months Baby Clothes

In some stores, you will find the baby clothing size 1T. This simply stands for ‘1 toddler’, and although it’s similar to a 12-month baby size, there are several subtle differences. 1T is the perfect size for a child who no longer fits in 12-month clothing, but is still too small to fit into the … Read more

3-6 vs 6-9 Month Baby Clothing

Getting your head around your baby’s clothing size can be a minefield, especially for first time parents. Newborn clothes don’t always fit newborns for example, and the rest of the sizes can be just as confusing! Let’s look at 3-6 month size clothing versus 6-9 month size clothing to find out more. When should you … Read more