4T vs 4 Clothing Sizes

Children grow up fast. One of the classic mistakes many parents make is buying too many clothes for their newborn baby who quickly outgrows everything. Unfortunately, it’s still easy to buy the wrong sizes as your children get older. Some children will be taller, some will be slimmer and they will go through different growth … Read more

Small vs Large Family

I’ve always been curious when I see parents with four or five children in the park. From afar it’s nice to see a large family playing together, but I also think it must be hard work! I have two children, a daughter who is almost five and a one-year old baby boy. Both my wife … Read more

When Should A Child Bathe Themselves?

Bath time is fun for babies, toddlers and young children. As a parent it’s great to see them splashing in the water, playing with their toys, as you wash their body and hair. However, there reaches a point where they need to start washing themselves on their own. In this article, let’s discuss when children … Read more