Small vs Large Family

I’ve always been curious when I see parents with four or five children in the park. From afar it’s nice to see a large family playing together, but I also think it must be hard work! I have two children, a daughter who is almost five and a one-year old baby boy. Both my wife … Read more

Alternatives To Preschool

My daughter is almost 5 and starts school in September. Both my wife and I decided together that she didn’t need to go to preschool. Although my daughter is very sociable and would have enjoyed it, she has a great relationship with her childminder and we decided it was better to carry on like this … Read more

Do Babies Miss Their Dad?

do babies miss their dad

After all the excitement of welcoming your new baby into the world dies down, it can be hard for dads to work out where they fit into the newborn routine. This can leave some dads feeling a bit lost and sometimes even disconnected from their baby in the beginning. Others instantly feel a connection with … Read more