Names For Teddy Bears

names for teddy bears

My daughter has loads of soft toys, but for some reason she doesn’t play with a teddy bear (although there are some in a basket in her room). My son on the other hand has a little soft white polar boar which he adores and has the imaginative name, ‘Bear’. We couldn’t really think of … Read more

What Is Gus Short For?

what is Gus short for?

Years ago I worked at a school and I taught a pupil called Gus. I remember he was quite lazy when it came to completing his homework (I’m sure not all boys called Gus are like this!) However, in the UK at least, Gus is not a particularly popular name and I’ve very rarely come … Read more

What Is Dewey Short For?

what is Dewey short for?

Years ago I remember watching the US show Malcolm In The Middle and I found it hilarious. Both parents were constantly stressed beyond belief, particularly Hal (played by the wonderful Bryan Cranston, who you may know from Breaking Bad). The three kids were always up to mischief; Malcolm, Reese and Dewey, and it drove their … Read more

What Is Dan Short For?

what is dan short for?

Coming up with nicknames for a baby can be fun. As a parent, it’s often easy to overlook the possible nicknames your child may have when they start school or go to work. So rather than focusing on just the given name for your baby, try and think of some nicknames first and work backwards. … Read more