What Is Teddy Short For?

what is Teddy short for?

There are plenty of abbreviations for names. Some of which we know or can guess, while others surprise us. There are also names that have lots of nicknames or different versions. In this article, let’s have a look at the name “Teddy” and learn about what it is short for and other variations of it. … Read more

What Is Barry Short For?

what is Barry short for

One thing many parents overlook when they’re thinking of baby names is all the possible nicknames their boy or girl may be called. Some are so common that it’s likely the full name will never be used, except in more formal situations. ‘Barry’ is one such example. However, while it can be a boy’s name … Read more

Noble French Last Names

list of some noble French last names

Bonjour! France is a beautiful country with a long, fascinating history. In addition, the French language is considered to be one of the most romantic languages in the world. I remember studying it at school and even as part of my degree, so I’ve always liked the sound of the language (it’s a shame I … Read more

What Is Jake Short For?

what is jake short for?

One tactic for coming up with a name for a baby is to think of any short names or nicknames you like the sound of first. Maybe you’re inspired by a nickname of a friend you had at school or a character from your favourite TV show? Jake is one option you might want to … Read more