Types Of Baby Clothes

When my wife and I were getting ready for the arrival of our baby girl, I remember feeling completely swamped with all the things we needed to buy, and that included baby clothes. I remember thinking what on earth were babygrows and onesies, and when should our baby wear them? Also, what was the difference … Read more

Types Of Baby Carriers

Although my wife and I were never big users of baby carriers when our two children were smaller, I know many parents who are avid fans of baby wearing. They just love the convenience of keeping their baby close and having their hands free to do other tasks. So if you think purchasing a baby … Read more

When Were Diapers Invented?

These days we take it for granted when we change a disposable diaper for the millionth time and put a new one on our baby. But I often wonder what did parents do before disposable diapers were invented? What material did they use? How did they manage? The first disposable diapers were invented in the … Read more

Types Of Baby Diapers

I’ve lost track on the amount of money my wife and I have spent on diapers for both our children, as well as the number of changes we’ve done over the years. In fact, it’s probably best not to think about it. I figure my toddler has at least another year to go before he … Read more

Are Baby Carriers Worth The Money?

Being brutally honest, I very rarely used a baby carrier with either of my two children when they were babies. However, when we visited a park or a wooded area where the terrain was just too rough and bumpy for a stroller then we had to use one. While I don’t have extensive experience using … Read more

Silver Cross vs Bugaboo

Although it only feels like yesterday, it was actually 5 years ago when my wife and I were expecting our baby girl. A couple of months before the due date we started researching what to buy, and I remember really taking our time to buy a stroller. After researching a number of different products, we … Read more

Do Baby Carriers Expire?

Baby carriers don’t have an expiry date as such, but like all items made from fabric they won’t last forever. Instead, the manufacturer instructions will say what age/weight range it should be used for. While this is fine in most cases, if you intend to use the same baby carrier for a younger sibling, or … Read more

How Much Do Diapers Cost Per Year?

My son is coming up to the age of 2 and it still amazes me how many diapers he gets through per day. Although it’s significantly less than when he was a newborn, this boy just keeps shovelling food in his mouth and it seems most of it comes out the other end (apologies for … Read more

Types Of Pacifiers

Before I had children I told myself I’d never let them use a baby pacifier. Both my brother and I never used one when we were babies, so I thought I would have the same approach with my kids. I couldn’t have been more wrong, as my wife and I caved in after only a … Read more

How To Make Cloth Diapers Less Bulky

Although disposable diapers are the most common choice for parents, some choose to use cloth diapers instead. After all, they’re a cheaper option and they’re better for the environment as you can reuse them many times. But one issue with them is how they fit your little one. Sometimes they are just too bulky around … Read more