Do Baby Wipes Expire?

Our babies are precious little things aren’t they? And that often means taking product expiry dates very seriously. You wouldn’t give your baby out of date formula or baby food (at least I hope not!). But what about baby wipes? The good news is that baby wipes don’t really expire, but they can become less … Read more

Graco Blossom vs Duodiner

Of all the necessary items to purchase before the big day arrives, for most people the high chair probably doesn’t make it to the top of the list. You’ll likely be thinking about your baby’s sleeping arrangements and buying a stroller. But you still need to do your research with high chairs, as there are … Read more

Chicco Bravo vs Uppababy Cruz

Of all the major purchases on your “getting prepared for baby” checklist, the stroller is one which usually requires the most research and careful consideration. For starters, you should like how it looks, how it moves, how easy it is to fold/unfold, how safe it is etc. Then you need to think about whether it … Read more

Babyletto Modo vs Hudson Crib

One of the most fun aspects in preparing for a baby is designing the nursery. From choosing the colour scheme, to picking the furniture, you’ll want to create a space which is both stylish and comfortable for your baby. And without question, the most important item to get right is the crib. You need to … Read more

High Chair vs Bumbo Seat

Source: Jessica Merz | License When preparing for a baby, every parent faces the same question. What equipment should they buy for their child? With all the different products on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are best for supporting your baby in their growth and development. And what can help … Read more

Lalo vs Stokke High Chair

You have quite a few options when it comes to buying a high chair. Some can be used for a long time from when your child is an infant, right up until before they’re a teenager. In this blog post, let’s compare two well-know high chairs from two leading brands: Lalo High Chair Stokke Clikk … Read more