How To Make Garden Steps Safe For Toddlers

how do you make garden steps safe for toddlers

Children love playing outside in the yard. Whether it’s playing with their jungle gym, playing hide and seek, or just exploring nature, it’s a great way to spend some time outside. However, while many parents focus on baby proofing their home, many overlook the potential risks in the garden. If you have some garden steps … Read more

2T vs 24 months

If your little baby is not so little any more, they may be ready for a larger clothes size.  Baby clothes start from newborn sizes (which may only last a week in some cases as newborns grow so fast!) up to 24 months. But when they reach this last size in the baby clothes range, … Read more

When Can Toddlers Jump?

Toddlers and young children have boundless amounts of energy and it’s often impossible for them to sit still for more than 5 minutes. However, once they are comfortable walking and standing on their own two feet, you can start encouraging them to do more things to improve their physical development. Jumping is a great way … Read more