Do Babies Need Bibs?

Some parents use bibs for their newborn baby straight away, others wait until they start solids, and some don’t use them at all. So what is the right option for you? In this article, let’s look at whether babies really need bibs, so you can make an informed decision which is best for you and … Read more

Why Do Babies Hate Getting Dressed?

Most babies go through a phase where they dislike getting dressed or having their diaper changed to the dismay of their parents. Sometimes there is an obvious reason for this and sometimes it is hard to know exactly why. It can be frustrating to see them upset and to feel like every change is a … Read more

Why Do Some Babies Hate Grass?

Babies love and hate all sorts of things, and sometimes certain things can surprise you. We know they don’t like to be startled unexpectedly, and most babies love to be tickled on the tummy. However, one bizarre thing some babies are scared of is grass. Check out this video below for a few giggles. These … Read more

Are High Chairs Required In Restaurants?

Kids love to be wined and dined when they go out to cafes and restaurants. But there’s nothing more frustrating than looking forward to eating out as a family, only to find there are no highchairs available! And it’s not only restaurants in you local high street. According to Which, at summer holiday destinations, there … Read more