About Dadometer

Hello Dads!

Dadometer is a parenting blog that provides ‘off the scale’ tips for dads on everything from baby gear to useful parenting topics.

As a father of 2 children, my aim is to give you valuable advice so you can learn, grow and enjoy being a dad, whether it’s for the first, second, or third time..

..although a third time is a bit of a stretch for many parents! )

Who am I?

My name is Graham Scott and I live in the UK. I’m a dad to a 5 year old girl, who’s just started school, and 1 year old boy (who’s going through a screaming phase..particularly when he’s hungry!) It’s exhausting, hectic and stressful, but I wouldn’t change anything..

..isn’t that what we’re supposed to say? 🙂

Feel free to browse my website, and if you have any questions please get in touch here

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Thanks for visiting!

– Graham Scott